What is really happening in Venezuela just before shady elections?

Venezuela Riots - Caracas 9/3/2014

The point of view of a young and frustrated entrepreneur

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There is no a simple explanation of what is going on in my country. For many of you out there, in the U.S. or Canada, or even further away, in Denmark or Australia, Venezuela isn’t more than another crazy dictatorship with tons of oil.

The now-defunct Chavez put us on the map with his populism and his threats against the U.S. government. First Bush, later Obama. He left a sick and rotten State functioning after his strange death. And now we all know that we were happy and we didn’t know it.

Since I have some capacity to understand politics, Chavez looked like a mentally unbalance ex-military to me. He spends a lot of time screaming on TV about the “enemies of the homeland”, transmitting a violent speech to everybody, mainly led to the younger watchers.

Thanks to that, we had a really divided country, where we, the detractors of the government, were the true enemies of the supporter ones. Many families were ripped apart. Entertainment and sports were affected too. Everything got infected with that hatred parasite.

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